Small Film Project

Small film project to give your business some video presence? Or full scale explainer animation with characters singing and dancing? Hexa have the expertise to help with everything motion. With expert videographers who can visit your site, and an array of animators who can take your project from idea to execution.

Filmography Process



Our first stage is to create a storyboard of your idea (a visual snapshot of what your project will look like) 


Plan Plan Plan

Film is a tricky activity to get right. Hexa will guide you through the proper planning process to ensure your project is done on time, and on budget.



After carefully planning, Hexa will carry out what is needed to bring our ideas to live.

How much We Talkin’?

As there are so many available options for filmography, get in touch to discuss what you’re after and we can guide you through the process and give you a bespoke quote for your project

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